It seems the "super ticket" is the way of the future, and 'Transformers 4' is the latest blockbuster release to get in on the action, partnering with Regal Entertainment to give fans more bang for their bucks ... at an additional fee, of course.

According to Variety, Regal Entertainment partnered with Paramount to offer fans super tickets for 'Transformers 4.' This means that, for an additional $15 (that's on top of the regular ticket price), purchasers will get two digital HD downloads -- you can choose one of the three previous 'Transformers' films, and are guaranteed an HD download of the fourth installment before it hits DVD and Blu-ray.

The super ticket can be purchased at the box office or on,, and through the Regal and Fandango mobile apps. But here's the big question: what if you don't know if you actually want that digital download of 'Transformers 4' just yet? Maybe you want to wait until you see the movie to decide if it's worth the extra cost, which is a totally rational way of thinking. No worries -- fans can upgrade to the super ticket before or after the film. The offer ends on July 10, so you have plenty of time to make a decision.

'Transformers 4' (officially titled 'Transformers: Age of Extinction') hits theaters on June 27.

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