It's a short path from bunnies and sausage to castration and global calamity, apparently. At least, that's what we're led to believe after watching this recently unveiled stop-motion cartoon made by Lars von Trier at the tender age of 11.

If von Trier had become a more accessible filmmaker, we'd probably see this as quaint and odd.

But given the context of the Danish writer and director's later films, this short cartoon becomes a Freudian pit of quicksand. It's a cute little tale about a sausage superhero that rescues a trio of head-swapping rabbits from an evil bunch of apples. Nothing weird or creepy or sexually charged about any of that, right?

It's especially strange to watch the scene where an apple sneaks up on the rabbits and steals one of them away. And by strange, we mean literally spine-tingling. The whole affair is almost as upsetting as the recently unearthed Tim Burton-directed version of 'Hansel and Gretel.' We'll just put both of those away in a dark drawer where they can be together. And we can forget about them.

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