Chicago Cubs Game Schedule on 1490 WDBQ-AM

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Credit: Michael Reaves / Getty Images
Credit: Michael Reaves / Getty Images
Regular SeasonCubs OpponentPregameFirst Pitch
Thursday, March 30vs. Brewers12:451:20
Saturday, April 1vs. Brewers12:451:20
Sunday, April 2vs. Brewers12:451:20
Monday, April 3at Reds5:055:40
Tuesday, April 4at Reds5:055:40
Friday, April 7vs. Rangers12:451:20
Saturday, April 8vs. Rangers2:303:05
Sunday, April 9vs. Rangers12:451:20
Monday, April 10vs. Mariners6:056:40
Tuesday, April 11vs. Mariners6:056:40
Wednesday, April 12vs. Mariners12:451:20
Friday, April 14at Dodgers8:359:10
Saturday, April 15at Dodgers7:358:10
Sunday, April 16at Dodgers2:353:10
Monday, April 17at Athletics8:058:40
Tuesday, April 18at Athletics8:058:40
Wednesday, April 19at Athletics2:002:37
Thursday, April 20vs. Dodgers6:056:40
Friday, April 21vs. Dodgers12:451:20
Saturday, April 22vs. Dodgers12:451:20
Sunday, April 23vs. Dodgers12:451:20
Tuesday, April 25vs. Padres6:056:40
Wednesday, April 26vs. Padres6:056:40
Thursday, April 27vs. Padres12:451:20
Friday, April 28at Marlins5:055:40
Saturday, April 29at Marlins2:303:05
Sunday, April 30at Marlins10:30a11:05a
Monday, May 1at Nationals5:306:05
Tuesday, May 2at Nationals5:306:05
Wednesday, May 3at Nationals5:306:05
Thursday, May 4at Nationals11:3012:05
Friday, May 5vs. Marlins12:451:20
Saturday, May 6vs. Marlins12:451:20
Sunday, May 7vs. Marlins12:451:20
Monday, May 8vs. Cardinals6:056:40
Tuesday, May 9vs. Cardinals6:056:40
Wednesday, May 10vs. Cardinals6:056:40
Friday, May 12at Twins6:357:10
Saturday, May 13at Twins12:351:10
Sunday, May 14at Twins12:351:10
Monday, May 15at Astros6:357:10
Tuesday, May 16at Astros6:357:10
Wednesday, May 17at Astros6:357:10
Friday, May 19at Phillies5:306:05
Saturday, May 20at Phillies2:303:05
Sunday, May 21at Phillies12:0012:35
Tuesday, May 23vs. Mets6:056:40
Wednesday, May 24vs. Mets6:056:40
Thursday, May 25vs. Mets6:056:40
Friday, May 26vs. Reds12:451:20
Saturday, May 27vs. Reds5:406:15
Sunday, May 28vs. Reds12:451:20
Monday, May 29vs. Rays12:451:20
Tuesday, May 30vs. Rays6:307:05
Wednesday, May 31vs. Rays12:451:20
Friday, June 2at Padres8:058:40
Saturday, June 3at Padres8:359:10
Sunday, June 4at Padres3:554:30
Monday, June 5at Padres7:358:10
Tuesday, June 6at Angels8:008:38
Wednesday, June 7at Angels8:008:38
Thursday, June 8at Angels8:008:38
Friday, June 9at Giants8:409:15
Saturday, June 10at Giants6:006:35
Sunday, June 11at Giants2:303:05
Tuesday, June 13vs. Pirates6:307:05
Wednesday, June 14vs. Pirates6:307:05
Thursday, June 15vs. Pirates6:307:05
Friday, June 16vs. Orioles12:451:20
Saturday, June 17vs. Orioles12:451:20
Sunday, June 18vs. Orioles11:3012:05
Monday, June 19at Pirates5:306:05
Tuesday, June 20at Pirates5:306:05
Wednesday, June 21at Pirates11:0011:35
Saturday, June 24at Cardinals (London)11:3512:10
Sunday, June 25at Cardinals (London)8:35am9:10am
Tuesday, June 27vs. Phillies6:307:05
Wednesday, June 28vs. Phillies6:307:05
Thursday, June 29vs. Phillies6:307:05
Friday, June 30vs. Guardians12:451:20
Saturday, July 1vs. Guardians5:406:15
Sunday, July 2vs. Guardians12:451:20
Monday, July 3at Brewers12:351:10
Tuesday, July 4at Brewers2:353:10
Wednesday, July 5at Brewers6:357:10
Thursday, July 6at Brewers12:351:10
Friday, July 7at Yankees5:306:05
Saturday, July 8at Yankees11:3012:05
Sunday, July 9at Yankees12:0012:35
Friday, July 14vs. Red Sox6:307:05
Saturday, July 15vs. Red Sox12:451:20
Sunday, July 16vs. Red Sox12:451:20
Monday, July 17vs. Nationals6:307:05
Tuesday, July 18vs. Nationals6:307:05
Wednesday, July 19vs. Nationals6:307:05
Thursday, July 20vs. Cardinals6:307:05
Friday, July 21vs. Cardinals12:451:20
Saturday, July 22vs. Cardinals12:451:20
Sunday, July 23vs. Cardinals12:451:20
Tuesday, July 25at White Sox6:357:10
Wednesday, July 26at White Sox6:357:10
Thursday, July 27at Cardinals6:106:45
Friday, July 28at Cardinals6:407:15
Saturday, July 29at Cardinals5:406:15
Sunday, July 30at Cardinals12:401:15
Monday, July 31vs. Reds6:307:05
Tuesday, August 1vs. Reds6:307:05
Wednesday, August 2vs. Reds6:307:05
Thursday, August 3vs. Reds6:307:05
Friday, August 4vs. Braves12:451:20
Saturday, August 5vs. Braves12:451:20
Sunday, August 6vs. Braves12:451:20
Monday, August 7at Mets5:356:10
Tuesday, August 8at Mets5:356:10
Wednesday, August 9at Mets5:356:10
Friday, August 11at Blue Jays5:306:07
Saturday, August 12at Blue Jays1:302:07
Sunday, August 13at Blue Jays12:0012:37
Tuesday, August 15vs. White Sox6:307:05
Wednesday, August 16vs. White Sox6:307:05
Friday, August 18vs. Royals12:451:20
Saturday, August 19vs. Royals12:451:20
Sunday, August 20vs. Royals12:451:20
Monday, August 21at Tigers5:055:40
Tuesday, August 22at Tigers5:055:40
Wednesday, August 23at Tigers11:3512:10
Thursday, August 24at Pirates5:306:05
Friday, August 25at Pirates5:306:05
Saturday, August 26at Pirates5:406:15
Sunday, August 27at Pirates12:0012:35
Monday, August 28vs. Brewers6:307:05
Tuesday, August 29vs. Brewers6:307:05
Wednesday, August 30vs. Brewers12:451:20
Friday, September 1at Reds (Split DH)11:3512:10
Friday, September 1at Reds (Split DH)5:055:40
Saturday, September 2at Reds5:055:40
Sunday, September 3at Reds10:35a11:10a
Monday, September 4vs. Giants12:451:20
Tuesday, September 5vs. Giants6:056:40
Wednesday, September 6vs. Giants12:451:20
Thursday, September 7vs. Diamondbacks6:056:40
Friday, September 8vs. Diamondbacks12:451:20
Saturday, September 9vs. Diamondbacks12:451:20
Sunday, September 10vs. Diamondbacks12:451:20
Monday, September 11at Rockies7:057:40
Tuesday, September 12at Rockies7:057:40
Wednesday, September 13at Rockies1:352:10
Friday, September 15at Diamondbacks8:058:40
Saturday, September 16at Diamondbacks6:357:10
Sunday, September 17at Diamondbacks2:353:10
Tuesday, September 19vs. Pirates6:056:40
Wednesday, September 20vs. Pirates6:056:40
Thursday, September 21vs. Pirates6:056:40
Friday, September 22vs. Rockies12:451:20
Saturday, September 23vs. Rockies12:451:20
Sunday, September 24vs. Rockies12:451:20
Tuesday, September 26at Braves5:456:20
Wednesday, September 27at Braves5:456:20
Thursday, September 28at Braves5:456:20
Friday, September 29at Brewers6:357:10
Saturday, September 30at Brewers5:356:10
Sunday, October 1at Brewers1:352:10