Chicago Cubs Game Schedule on 1490 WDBQ-AM

Cubs baseball is brought to you by Dubuque County Right to Life, Iowa Greyhound Park, Family Beer & Liquor, Birch Heating & Cooling, Roeder Outdoor Power, Midwest Bus Trips,  Ron McDonald of Bradley Beck McDonald, Pinnacle Cellular & Satellite, and Tri-State Auto Diagnostics.


2019 Broadcast schedule




SUN MARCH 31ST         CUBS @ RANGERS @ 2:30PM

MON APRIL 1ST             CUBS @ BRAVES @ 5:35PM

WED APRIL 3RD             CUBS @ BRAVES @ 5:45PM

THUR APRIL 4TH            CUBS @ BRAVES @ 5:45PM

FRI APRIL 5TH                CUBS @ BREWERS @ 6:35PM

SAT APRIL 6TH               CUBS @ BREWERS @ 5:35PM

SUN APRIL 7TH              CUBS @ BREWERS @ 12:35PM

MON APRIL 8TH            CUBS vs PIRATES @ 12:45PM

WED APRIL 10TH           CUBS vs PIRATES @ 6:30PM

THUR APRIL 11TH          CUBS vs PIRATES @ 6:30PM

FRI APRIL 12TH              CUBS vs ANGELS @ 12:45PM

SAT APRIL 13TH             CUBS vs ANGELS @ 12:45PM

SUN APRIL 14TH            CUBS vs ANGELS @ 12:45PM

MON APRIL 15TH          CUBS @ MARLINS @ 5:35PM

TUE APRIL 16TH            CUBS @ MARLINS @ 5:35PM

WED APRIL 17TH           CUBS @ MARLINS @ 5:35PM

FRI APRIL 19TH              CUBS vs D’BACKS @ 12:45PM

SAT APRIL 20TH             CUBS vs D’BACKS @ 12:45PM

SUN PARIL 21ST            CUBS vs D’BACKS @ 12:45PM

TUE APRIL 23RD            CUBS vs DODGERS @ 6:30PM

WED APRIL 24TH           CUBS vs DODGERS @ 6:30PM

THUR APRIL 25TH          CUBS vs DODGERS @ 12:45PM

FRI APRIL 26TH              CUBS @ D’BACKS @ 8:05PM

SAT APRIL 27TH             CUBS @ D’BACKS @ 6:35PM

SUN APRIL 28TH            CUBS @ D’BACKS @ 2:35PM

TUE APRIL 30TH            CUBS @ MARINERS @ 8:35PM

WED MAY 1ST               CUBS @ MARINERS @ 5:05PM

FRI MAY 3RD                  CUBS vs CARDINALS @ 12:45PM

SAT MAY 4TH                 CUBS vs CARDINALS @ 2:30PM

SUN MAY 5TH               CUBS vs CARDINALS @ 5:30PM

MON MAY 6TH              CUBS vs MARLINS @ 6:30PM

TUE MAY 7TH                CUBS vs MARLINS @ 6:30PM

WED MAY 8TH               CUBS vs MARLINS @ 6:30PM

THUR MAY 9TH             CUBS vs MARLINS @ 12:45PM

FRI MAY 10TH                CUBS vs BREWERS @ 12:45PM

SAT MAY 11TH              CUBS vs BREWERS @ 12:45PM

SUN MAY 12TH             CUBS vs BREWERS @ 5:30PM

TUE MAY 14TH              CUBS @ REDS @ 5:05PM

WED MAY 15TH            CUBS @ REDS @ 5:05PM

THUR MAY 16TH           CUBS @ REDS @ 5:05PM

FRI MAY 17TH                CUBS @ NATIONALS @ 5:30PM

SAT MAY 18TH              CUBS @ NATIONALS @ 5:40PM


MON MAY 20TH            CUBS vs PHILLIES @ 6:30PM

TUE MAY 21ST               CUBS vs PHILLIES @ 5:30PM

WED MAY 22ND            CUBS vs PHILLIES @ 6:30PM

THUR MAY 23RD           CUBS vs PHILLIES @ 12:45PM

FRI MAY 24TH                CUBS vs REDS @ 12:45PM

SAT MAY 25TH              CUBS vs REDS @ 12:45PM

SUN MAY 26TH             CUBS vs REDS @ 12:45PM

MON MAY 27TH            CUBS @ ASTROS @ 12:35PM

TUE MAY 28TH              CUBS @ ASTROS @ 6:35PM

WED MAY 29TH            CUBS @ ASTROS @ 6:35PM

FRI MAY 31ST                CUBS @ CARDINALS @ 6:40PM

SAT JUNE 1ST                CUBS @ CARDINALS @ 5:40PM

SUN JUNE 2ND              CUBS @ CARDINALS @ 12:40PM

MON JUNE 3RD             OFF DAY