Like any Marvel Studios sequel, 'Captain America 2' looks to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe in many exciting ways and introduce new characters straight from the pages of the comics. The biggest addition to Steve Rogers' world this time around is Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, and now the winged warrior, played by the wonderful Anthony Mackie, has his own 'Captain America 2' poster.

In the comic books, the Falcon wears a red-and-white outfit and can communicate with birds, but his color palette and superhuman skill set have been toned down a bit for his film debut. As you can see in the poster (via Coming Soon) the most important part of his character remains intact: the massive wings, which allow him to take to the skies while Captan America battles on the ground. For movie fans, Falcon looks like a cool new character played by a very cool actor.

For comic fans, this represents something much bigger. In the world of Marvel superheroes, Falcon is one of Cap's oldest friends and allies, and they have co-starred in countless issues and gone on countless adventures. We expect that this will be a relationship built to sustain an entire series of Captain America movies, especially since Mackie revealed he'll be a part of future sequels and is lobbying pretty hard to be in 'The Avengers' movies.

'Captain America 2,' officially titled 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' flies into theaters on April 4.

Captain America 2 Poster Falcon
Marvel Studios

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