We are starting to get super excited for Major League Baseball in Iowa. I’m of course talking about the big Field of Dreams game that will take over the movie site field in Dyersville on August 11th, show casing the Chicago Cubs against the Cincinnati Reds. And I am really looking forward to meeting the one and only “Big Hurt” (Mr. Thomas will you please sign my rookie card of yours?)We know of the historical significance and weight of the original film and its hold on Dyersville, but did you know that parts of the movie actually took place just across the Mississippi in Galena, Illinois?


In Galena they now have a map and walking tour you can take of all the sites that were featured in the motion picture Field of Dreams across downtown Galena.

During the filming, Galena stood in for a town known as Chishlom, Minnesota, and many Galena mainstays were featured, like; the DeSoto House Hotel, the famous Green Street Stairs, Fritz & Frites Bistro, and 9 other local businesses and eateries along main street.

attachment-galena street

Take the tour and enjoy Galena’s more than 125 shops and restaurants, one right after another. You’ll find loads of variety, quality goods, special events, and live music. Candy, ice cream shops, wineries, breweries, clothing shops, quality goods, and a huge variety of dining options make this 1800s street with original buildings a real treat to visit and enjoy.

So this year if you’re not lucky enough to enjoy the MLB game in person at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville; you can still be a part of the story by visiting Galena.

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