I will just give you a fair warning, this is going to touch your heart and make you cry.

Blue's Clues is actually turning 25 this week ... 25! To celebrate, Nick Jr. posted a video message to social media that literally has people crying ... including myself. To understand why so many are touched by the message, you need to go back to the beginning.

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Blue and Her Clues

Blue's Clues was a popular children's show that launched back in 1996 on Nick Jr. The show followed host Steve and his animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she left a trail of clues/paw prints for Steve and the viewers to figure out her plans for the day. Even getting the mail became a party complete with a catching dance and song. In my home, the show was a staple for all three of my kids. We even had a "Thinking Chair" and a special Blue's Clues notepad to write down the clues.

The show's host Steve Burns, became one the most famous figures of his time during his hosting stint. The world loved Steve, and then one day he was gone. Burns, who took the role at just 22, was written off the show with the storyline of him heading off to college.

According to Burns, he simply felt it "just seemed like time to go... I was just getting older and I kind of occupied this weird older brother space on that show. Like I was sort of an adult, but not really." After Burns' departure, the Blue's Clues actor was then replaced by Donovan Patton as Steve's younger brother "Joe" but still it seemed like unfinished business to the millions of children watching day after day.

Fast Forward

So here we are. Most of the original Blue's Clues viewers have grown, started careers, and even have children of their own, much like my own kids. It seemed now with the 25th anniversary upon us, that maybe a special message from an old friend was long overdue. Get the Kleenex ready.

Steve is Back

Steve himself has a message for all of you ... all of us. In a very heartfelt video shared by Nick Jr. on Tuesday, Steve is back. Wearing his signature green striped shirt, he talks directly to the fans just like he once did on the show. He addresses "leaving us" back in 2002. He talks about growing up, and life changes, and his accomplishments since he left, but the moment that will make you feel that special Blue's Clues magic comes near the end.

“I really couldn’t have done all that without your help.... I never forgot you. Ever.”

Take a minute to slip back in time with an old friend and watch the full video. Steve ... we needed this right now.

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