According to our friends at cherry public relations, Iowans would like paid leave following the death of a pet.  See the survey results below.

Com-Paw-ssionate Leave: 

 1/3 of employees want paid leave following the loss of a pet, reveals survey.

  • 41% of workers feel most employee benefits are gimmicky.
  • 79% of employees would prefer more pay over benefits.
  • Interactive map compares how much pet bereavement leave employees want across the U.S.

To find out what benefits workers believe they should be entitled to when a pet actually dies, pet product review site surveyed 2,000 workers and made some very interesting discoveries. On average, 35% of us think that pet owners should get paid leave when their pet dies. However, there are currently no federal laws that require employers to provide employees either paid or unpaid leave even when a close family member (human) dies. Only one state, Oregon has passed a law requiring employers to provide it. also wanted to find out how much time off pet owning workers believe they should get if their pet passes away, and on average, employees in Iowa believe they should be entitled to 3 days paid leave. However, this is less when compared to the devastated pet-owning workers of South Dakota, who think nothing less than 5.5 days would suffice!

To find out how your state compares, refer to our interactive map:

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