Kitchen remodels are known to be epically pricey. A study conducted in 2016 showed that the average kitchen gut remodel costs just shy of $60,000.

A recent article on, a real estate website, asked a very intriguing question: Are home renovations really necessary?

If your kitchen needs some love, consider simple inexpensive changes that take little time and money. Then decide if that's enough to keep you and the family happy, at least for a while.

Here are 5 ways you can give your kitchen a refresh with very little time, effort or money.

1) Go With Open Shelving/Paint or Replace Cabinet Doors

Painting cabinet doors is not as easy as it might seem, and sometimes it's worth it to take them to a professional and have them painted in a shop. If you have standard cabinets from a big box remodel store, there's a good chance you could easily swap in other doors. Frosted glass will give a higher-end appearance (and you only need to replace some, not all).

Another option? Remove some of the doors and display some of your nicer kitchen accessories out in the open. Or remove the cabinets altogether and replace with simple bracket shelves.


2) Add Hardware That Suits Your Personality

Consider your cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and even doorknobs. In most cases, swapping out kitchen hardware can take as little as 2 minutes and requires just a screwdriver. Knobs and pulls can vary in design as much as tile, so prepare to be slightly overwhelmed. Don't count out looking online at sites like Etsy and eBay for vintage one-of-kind pieces.


3) Pump Up Your Pantry Door

If you are lucky enough to have a pantry, chances are that the door looks like all your other doors. Guests might even think it's a bathroom or the entry to the garage. Changing it up could be as simple as painting it a striking color (try blackboard paint in one of the panels), adding a decal or installing a vintage or even a screen door (if you keep things neat!).

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4) Add Dimmers to All Kitchen Lighting

Some designers say that adding light dimmers to any room will give you the option to completely change the look of a room in seconds. Task lighting for prepping food can become mood lighting after the meal. Consider under cabinet rope lighting that dims. These can also be hooked up to your home's smart speaker system.


5) Give Your Backsplash a Boost

Believe it or not, it's not that difficult to paint a tiled backsplash. Consider a vibrant color if you are looking for high impact (if the space is relatively small) or if you have an existing dark backsplash, try lightening it up. Tile painting kits are a great option and available at most remodeling stores.