A golden retriever that spent two harrowing nights in a sinkhole has emerged safe and sound.

Officials in State College, Penn., pulled Skye to freedom Wednesday afternoon, ending the unsettling ordeal.

Skye's adventure began after one of her owners, Megan Holmes, let her off her leash during a snowstorm on Monday. The dog seemed to disappear, but Holmes' husband, Ron, found out the area has sinkholes, so they spent Tuesday trying to find Skye, to no avail.

On Wednesday, their luck changed when they heard the dog bark, a sound that was music to Ron's ears:

Oh, it’s the most fantastic feeling hearing her. I was so sick...thinking she was gone. I thought she would have drowned if she was somewhere down there or suffered hypothermia."

Police and fire officials descended on the scene and managed to widen the hole, which was about 18 inches in diameter to 30 inches. Then, one person was sent down the hole and attached a harness to the pooch, which was used to lift Skye up.

Skye was taken to a vet, who gave her a clean bill of health.

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