These creatures are livin' la via lizard.

Get a load of these lizards, who are as relaxed as one can be without some sort of doctor-prescribed sedative.

According to the YouTube description:

Yes, real and alive, these are two of my pampered pets at an outdoor cafe in Hollywood. They are not scared, they have true calm and trust to be out and about, (that's the difference between wild and tame). Baby Love on the left and Buddy Love on the right. They live with a large group of other lizards in a large room with water pools and large open windows, in my home in Hollywood, CA. They are never caged."

It just proves that not only are the people beautiful in L.A., but so are the pets. Seriously -- their names are Baby and Buddy Love. How great are those monikers in a city where image is everything?

We can only imagine that after they left the cafe, they buried their heads to fend off the throng of paparazzi before ducking into a waiting car to whisk them away to their secluded home in the Hollywood Hills where they will enjoy drinks with Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence. Because that's just how animals in La La Land roll.

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