You know that cliche about how the game wasn't even as close as the score suggests? Well, this is the time to use it.

The girls basketball team at Ohio's Gilmour Academy beat Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School, 108-1, on Wednesday night in a Division III sectional semifinal game.

It was 72-1 at the half, which means even though Gilmour surrendered a mere free throw in the first half, it tightened the D in the second half by pitching a shutout.

"Our intent was to not run anything up, and we took steps to not disrespect our opponent," Gilmour coach Bob Beutel said. "They went 0-for-28 from the field and 1-for-4 from the free-throw line. We let them shoot."

Northeast released a statement about the blowout, showing there was no ill will:

While the final score did not result in our favor, the entire I CAN SCHOOLS network of campuses is extremely proud of the camaraderie and sportsmanship that our team displayed during and after the game. At Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School, our scholars are taught to embody respect, responsibility, and relentlessness. All three characteristics were on display yesterday. We faced an incredibly talented team, and we congratulate Gilmour Academy on their victory and pursuit of a championship."

Gilmour is the top seed in the bracket, while Northeast, which finished its season at 1-12 was the 13th seed.

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