Cody Burger of the Rotary Club of Dubuque stopped by the studio today to discuss an exciting event this summer.

On Monday, June 20th, the 2022 Rotary Club of Dubuque's "Golf Scramble" will take place at the Dubuque Golf & Country Club.

On the table for the event is a 12 pm lunch followed by a "Shotgun Start" at 1 pm. A dinner wraps up the event that Monday evening.

"Probably the most exciting part about this is it's an exclusive event at Dubuque Golf & Country Club, a very sought after club in Dubuque," Burger said. "It's a four-person scramble, and our flagship event for the summer."

Proceeds for the Golf Scramble will benefit the YMCA of Dubuque.

Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Dubuque
Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Dubuque

"Every year we pick a local organization that we partner with and try to fill a need they're having. A big chunk of the proceeds from this event will go to YMCA of Dubuque. We're very happy about that," Burger said.

There are multiple tiers for participation. $500 gets you the "Foursome Fee," which includes lunch, dinner, range balls, cart, and awards. $250 gets you a "Hole Sponsorship," which includes recognition before, during, and after the event. If you'd simply like to attend the dinner, that's only $30.

You can register up to four people to play golf. Raffle items are all accepted as donations.

Since 1915, the Rotary Club of Dubuque has been a fixture in the community and beyond. I asked Cody Burger what the club is all about.

Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Dubuque
Photo Credit: Rotary Club of Dubuque

"It's an international organization of about 1.4 million people across 46,000 local chapters," Burger said. "[Dubuque] has an electric group of legacy members and a lot of young professionals who have joined recently. Our mission is to promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, sanitation, and more."

Burger also noted that the Rotary Club helped fight and eventually eradicate polio across international networks.

The "Golf Scramble" is about getting together, having fun, and raising money for a good cause. You can find out more information on the Rotary Club's website or by contacting Cody Burger directly via email ( or via cell (563-451-2346).

You can also listen to the full interview with Cody below!

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