If you've traveled on I-90 about 30 minutes west of Sioux Falls you have probably noticed the great big giant bull horns reaching high into the South Dakota horizon.

Do You Know What Is Inside The Giant 60 Foot Tall Bull Head Off I-90?

That is just one of the amazing, thought-provoking pieces of art at the Porter Sculpture Park just off the I-90 and Montrose exit.

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I have driven by the Porter Sculpture Park exit more times than I can count. Last week my daughter sent me a text saying we needed to embark on an afternoon adventure and tour the sculpture park.

After we parked our car in the Porter Park lot on a hot afternoon we walked up to the little white shed and were greeted by the prairie steel artist himself, Wayne Porter. From our first encounter, I could tell this is a man who loves what he does.

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Mr. Porter shared his story with one joke after another. I asked Wayne about how this award-winning Roadside Attraction came to be.

He gave me a little back story saying...

“I studied political science and history then went back to Hand County and started a sheep ranch...because I'm brilliant, right? Not a real smart thing to do. While the sheep were on grass I would go in and help my dad blacksmith and I would knock off a sculpture. It added up over a period of time. After a while tour busses would stop in Hand County and wanted to pay me to tour the yard. And I said...boy this is a lot easier than sheep ranching! So I moved everything out here.”

Hand County, South Dakota is about 2 hours northwest of the sculpture park's current location.

Porter is just a delightful host and storyteller. He revealed that he made his first sculpture when he was 10 years old. As he told me about it he turned, opened a desk drawer, and produced a small steel bull's head that he could tie around his neck with a couple of rawhide straps. This would be the first of many impressive works of art he would produce.

When I asked why he does what he does Wayne Porter explained, “I like making people happy. Making people happy makes me happy.”

Porter spends around 6 months a year living in his white RV at the park location. The park is open 7 days a week 7 A.M.- 8:30 P.M. May 15th Through October 15, 2021.

There are dozens of large and small steel sculpture pieces that are connected by mowed paths in the park field. The most notable would be the 60-foot-tall Bulls Head. Very intimidating. We were walking around this monster structure when we noticed there was a rod iron door open in the back. And when we walked in were startled by what we saw. Check out the pictures above.

This is truly an amazing experience for the whole family! Worth blocking off the time to pull in, take some pics, and make some memories.

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