You may not be an NBA fan, but you will be a fan of halftime shows after seeing this woman in action.

Red Panda -- real name Rong Niu -- has returned to the league after injuries forced her to retire following two decades performing in league arenas around the country.

Red Panda's act is nothing short of remarkable. Perched atop a unicycle, she somehow balances multiple bowls on her feet, which she then flips onto her head. You know, normal easy peezy stuff.

Red Panda returned to NBA arenas last month during the Memphis Grizzlies' first game of the season, a performance so anticipated the team teased it on its Twitter page:

Well, the Red Panda tour is now in full swing. On Wednesday night, she was in Utah wowing fans.

If that's not enough to get you fired up, check out some of the other performances which made her such a legend. In the meantime, we think we're going to try and set her up with this guy. They'd make the perfect couple.

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