Here's a teacher who went way above and beyond for one of his students.

A photo of a teacher in Springfield, Mass., holding a 10-month-old boy belonging to one of his students has gone viral.

The student, Kimmy Lopez, posted the photo on Facebook earlier this week, alongside another photo of a professor in Israel who won accolades earlier this year for doing the same thing for one of his students.

Lopez was touched by the actions of Tommy Guy, her teacher at Central High School who leads a re-engagement program, and said, "Teachers are the real MVP."

Lopez was homeless and couldn't afford daycare, but Guy, who teaches in a re-engagement diploma program, said he worked with her to make sure Lopez could get her diploma:

We actually had a playpen in the room. He was a piece of cake to be there. He enjoyed being there, like, he knew his mother was doing something special."

Guy also complimented the dedication Lopez had, saying, "She was a very focused student. She knew what she wanted to do, so we wanted to help her the best way we could."

Guy's efforts paid off -- Lopez did indeed wind up up graduating and she's now enrolled in culinary school.

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