Is this what they mean when they say you need to have balance in your life?

Meet Nam Seok Byun, a South Korean man who can balance any object. Chairs, computers, logs, washing machines, even motorcycles. If it's been invented, Nam, also known as Rocky, can balance it.

As you can see in the first video here from Outrageous Acts of Science, there's legitimate science to Rocky's method, but let's be honest. We can't do it and we seriously doubt you can, either. His knowledge of gravity is pretty good and enables him to pull off his trick.

He must be a huge hit at parties when things are a little awkward and he decided to loosen the mood by putting the kitchen table upside down on one of its corners.

And the best part? That snap when he's done. Not only does Rocky have a killer skill, he's got an awesome calling card.

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