A video gone viral shows animal control dramatically breaking a window to rescue a dog that was locked in a hot car for at least 35 minutes.

Facebook user Sarah Worden uploaded the video that has been shared over 60,000 times showing the dramatic moment when the glass of an SUV was shattered in order for Animal Control to save the animal.

According to Worden's Facebook post the animal was locked in a vehicle parked in the Truckee Community College parking lot for at least 35 minutes. According to the weather history on that day (July 2), the high temperature was 86 degrees.

It only takes five to 10 minutes on a hot day for a dog to end up with severe organ damage, or worse—dead.

Worden also uploaded another video before the rescue upon finding the dog locked in the hot car. Upon the animal's rescue she and another woman are heard rejoicing as the animal is taken away to safety.

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder that animals face the same risks -- if not worse -- than humans when it comes to being left in a locked car on a hot summer day.

There is no official word on the condition of the dog after being rescued, but hopefully he is okay.

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