About the only person who's not excited that Flossie Dickey turned 110 is Flossie Dickey.

To celebrate turning 110 years old, Dickey appeared on Good Day Spokane last week -- and gave the grumpiest interview you'll ever see.

It doesn't seem like Dickey wanted any part pf being on TV. She's sour, testy and altogether irritable. All of that adds up to making her a viral star. It probably didn't help that reporter Nichole Mischke was so sunny and peppered her with inane questions. To be fair, Dickey didn't exactly give her much to work with and Mischke was trying like heck to get her say something of note.

The whole thing plays out like a Saturday Night Live skit and you get the feeling Dickey would love nothing more than to tell Mischke that she has granny panties older than her. Which she just might.

Either way, it only took 110 years, but Dickey has finally found her 15 minutes of fame...no matter how much she doesn't want them.

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