No doubt Game of Thrones has shaped the manner in which political rivalries play out their bitter ends in the media, that the harshest of podium insults scarcely raise an eyebrow anymore. Well, with Game of Thrones and Donald Trump both on everyone’s minds, it’s no surprise the Orange King fits right in with the world of Westeros.

Brilliant visionary / psychotic madman Hux Parkinson imagined said reality over YouTube (via UPROXX), pasting The Donald’s talking head over multiple Game of Thrones characters across the seven kingdoms. The effects prove a bit scattershot, between eerily lifelike, and jarringly contrast to proportion and lighting, but to dispel refugees, extol torture and advocate the value of a giant wall feels right at home with George R.R. Martin’s world.

Elsewhere, Game of Thrones Season 6 has new teasers and photos to comfort fans toward a world that increasingly resembles our own, while we wait for a full trailer, and real news on that darned Jon Snow.

In the meantime, the election is dark, and full of terrors. Try to keep your head.

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