Big improvements are coming to two separate southwest Wisconsin school districts as voters have supported bond measures that total more than $60 million dollars in marked improvements.


The first school district measure is a $26.85 million bond measure for the Cuba City School District. In addition, an accompanying $200,000 operating measure to cover utilities associated with this new construction. Now that approval has been granted by the citizens the funds will go toward replacing the elementary school roof, parking lots, and driveways.

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At the high school, money will be used to expand and renovate the technical and agricultural education areas and expand the stage in the gym. There will also be an addition built on to the current gym space and a weight and fitness center will also be developed. These updates will bring added benefits across all areas of the school; academics, athletics, and the arts programs. Following a financial review it was determined that this measure would have little effect on the overall mill rate. It was initially expected to rise 97 cents per $1,000.

The second school district measure voted on approved a $36 million referendum for improvements across the Platteville School District. The funds will cover projects like the renovation of the cafeteria and gymnasium at Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center, a new parent pick-up and drop-off area at Westview Elementary, and additional bathrooms and classroom renovations at Platteville Middle School.

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In addition, Platteville High School will undergo multiple improvements, including; the addition of a career and technical education classroom, renovations to the cafeteria and kitchen, and new outdoor activities complex with parking lot.

According to a report from the Telegraph Herald; the maximum tax increase from this bond will be 68 cents per $1,000 of taxable income, but the overall mill rate is still trending downward considering five-year trends.

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