If you love politics, there is no better place to live than Iowa. Many of us would make the same argument concerning college football, but let's stick to politics for the republic's sake. Iowans prepare every four years for the country's version of America's political Olympics.

Although we have a lot of political events, Senator Joni Ernst's 'Roast and Ride' and Governor Kim Reynolds' 'Fair-Side Chats', the most entertaining provocative political theater has to be the Iowa State Fair.

Smart candidates understand that their soapbox speeches are their first test of whether they have what it takes to win Iowa and, eventually, the White House. Unfortunately, President Biden changed the Democratic presidential primary process to South Carolina instead of beginning in Iowa.

In honor of the famous buttered cow, let's look at some of the more significant moments during this year's fair.

Vivek Raps and Steals The Show

Political newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy steals the show with his outspoken opinions and impromptu rap. Can you imagine Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, or Howard Dean rapping on stage in front of hundreds? 

If you missed his moment, here's a quick look.

We'll see whether or not Mr. Ramaswamy repeats his tribute to Emien during the upcoming Republican debate in Milwaukee. The RNC has set strict guidelines on who will be on the stage. To make the cut, a candidate must have 1% in multiple certain polls, have at least 40,000 donors, and sign a pledge supporting the GOP nominee.

Several campaigns have claimed they made the cut, however the RNC will officially make that decision. (Remember in 2016 when the Republican field was so big there were two debates?)


Iowa's Most Intriguing Republican Candidate

Have you heard of Perry Johnson? If you're a fan of Newsmax, you know Mr. Johnson is a successful, optimistic businessman from Michigan. His campaign is focused on balancing the budget by cutting spending and using two cents of every tax dollar to pay off the national debt.

Mr. Johnson pays to run a documentary series on Newmax every Sunday at 9 pm ET. The show features his life on the trail highlighting his experience and optimism. He reminds me of a more refined Morry Taylor, another Michigan businessman who ran for the nomination in 1996.

Perhaps answering the wrap of Vivek Ramaswamy's rap, Mr. Johnson held his concert with the country duo Big & Rich. The campaign had a show for supporters and folks who just like country music recently.


What's next?

It all comes down to who qualifies for the first debate, we'll do our best to keep you informed and get your reaction.


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