Weddings are one of those perfect times to whip out your cell phone and snap away all the lovely moments. So says about a billion people with smartphones, but "no" says one angry photographer.

Thomas Stewart, an Australian wedding photographer, went off on Facebook on people who take cell phone pictures at weddings.

As you can see, Stewart has pretty much reached his wit's end and he does have a point, but, come on, everyone has an Aunt Muriel who thinks she can capture the magic of the day. And if Aunt Muriel can't do it, surely EVERYONE ELSE at the wedding can, too, since they all have their phones on hand to capture everything from the fondue fountain to the harpist packing up to the embroidered paper towels in the restroom.

We sense that Stewart may be facing an uphill battle, though. It's hard to stop technology once it takes off and considering how many people use cell phones for pictures it's not hard to see the day when a professional photographer is about as likely to be at a wedding as the bride's ex-boyfriend.

It's too bad -- we wish someone would step in and lead a charge to stop "I Gotta Feeling" from being played by every DJ at every wedding. One thing at a time, though, we suppose.

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