Dubuque’s Five Flags Center says it has recovered all money stolen in a computer hack that took place in late June. KCRG reports hackers were able to steal $300,000 from a Five Flags Center account at MidWestOne Bank and transfer the money to an account in Hong Kong. The bank and events center say they worked with the FBI to identify the source of the attack, stop the transfer, and recover all of the funds.

Five Flags Center General Manager H.R. Cook stated, "This is the best possible outcome to what was a very stressful situation over the past month. We applaud the efforts of MidWestOne Bank, ASM Global’s Security and Information Technology departments, and the federal law enforcement agents who worked so diligently to bring us to this successful outcome. This situation has served as a reminder that these kinds of attacks can happen to anyone and we all need to take proper precautions.”

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Reports from authorities in Dubuque said a foreign hacker stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank account belonging to Dubuque’s Five Flags Center. Around $300,000 was taken through an unauthorized transaction made via MidWestOne Bank sometime from Friday to Monday, according to Dubuque police.

Dubuque police are currently investigating how hackers requested a wire transfer through the bank and were then able to obtain the funds.

In addition, according to a report from the Telegraph Herald, Five Flags’ staff directed questions about the case to Dubuque police, with the City of Dubuque reporting, no city “accounts or departments being impacted." and that “fraudulent activity was isolated to a Five Flags Center account managed by ASM Global, the company the city contracts with for the management and operation of the Five Flags Center. The account impacted by this attack is wholly controlled by ASM Global. It is partially funded by the annual operating subsidy provided to ASM Global by the City of Dubuque, as outlined in the facility management contract.”

As of now Dubuque Police have been able to determine the hack originated from outside the U.S. upon reviewing bank correspondence.

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