When we outgrow our toys, we tend to shove them into a drawer and forget about them. But not everyone does that.

Some people in Japan burn these relics of their youth, since "their job was finished" and it's a symbolic way of saying they hope to see these dolls and gadgets again.

Yup, why give a teddy bear to another relative when you can just light it on fire?

One priest who performs a service for the toys says burning them is no different than having a funeral for a person because it brings a sense of closure and provides a way to pay our respect.

One woman says she loved her toys and was sorry to burn them, but added "they shouldn't bear the weight of making my children happy as well."

That's true. Who among us hasn't heard the cautionary tale of Barnie needing therapy to cope with all the expectations? Maybe that's why she's so thin -- stress led to an eating disorder.

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