"My mom hasn't let me watch television since Miley Cyrus' tour."

Jimmy Fallon has never been a teenage girl. Taylor Swift, however, has. Still, the veracity that Fallon brings to his performance as a teen in his fake-talk-show-within-a-talk-show, 'Ew!,' is pretty striking -- he somehow seems like more of a teenage girl than his guest, who was a teenage girl mere years ago. It's madness!

Swift hit 'The Tonight Show' last night, during which she appeared on the carnival funhouse that is Fallon's 'Ew!,' which imagines him as an over-the-top teen girl who hates everything. The singer/actress from 'The Giver' appeared as the nerdy Natalie, whose tragic appearance (tri-ponytails, Scrabble necklace) belies a deep love for classic Sean Connery-led cinema. Can she be a returning guest?

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