Even teachers are nervous on the first day of school, although they don't usually cope with the butterflies in their stomachs the way this one did.

A teacher at Wagoner High School, in Wagoner, Oklahoma, was arrested Monday after she was found drunk and without pants in a classroom. It was the first day back at school for teachers and no students were on campus at the time.

Lorie Hill, who admitted she'd been drinking, was a new hire by the school. It's unclear if she was drunk and drove to school while intoxicated. Authorities believe she drank vodka in the parking lot of the school before walking into the building.

It's not clear what kind of discipline Hill will face from the school for her transgression.

Hill isn't the only teacher whose school year has gotten off to a rocky start. A middle school teacher in Georgia has been fired after students found naked selfies of her and then shared them across social media.

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