Sitting on the banks of Sebago Lake, the campus of St. Joseph's College in Standish is the picturesque model of small college campus life in Maine. But on more than one occasion, ghost stories have inundated campus life and left some former students were eerie feelings in an otherwise quiet campus existence. What exactly is haunting them? Well, depends on what you believe...

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According to Hidden History of the Sebago Lakes Region, the chapel at St. Joe's has been haunted by the spirit of a young boy since it's inception. Prior to St. Joe's being established, the young son of the Verrill family who owned the land tragically passed away. He was buried in the spot where the chapel stands now. Before the chapel was built, his remains were moved a permanent resting spot, but his soul never left. Several former students have reported hearing a young boy laughing or playing in or outside the chapel.

Other ghostly sightings come from another tragic story. Along the coastline of a small pond on campus, witnesses believe they've seen the figure of a young girl playing. As the story goes, a father had built his daughter a playhouse near the pond. When her parents were distracted, she wandered into the pond and drowned. Her spirit has never left the area.

The last ghost story has been reported multiple times from Xavier Hall on campus. The hall, which was once the Verrill family home, also served as a residence hall for senior women. The nun is believed to be a friendly spirit, and one who was so deeply rooted to the school, she simply could not part with it.

Other college campuses in Maine have their own twisted tales as well, including the University of Southern Maine. Do you know of any other ghastly tales from campuses across the Pine Tree State?

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