My recent trip to Decorah was great. I hadn't even been up there since my college years, so it was a chance to experience not only the awesome hiking and falls, but some of the local beverages and treats. After our morning of hikes, my wife and I stopped in for a small flight of some local favorites from Pulpit Rock Brewing Company.


Few things taste as good on a hot day, than some well fashioned ice-cold beverages and trust me Pupit Rock had them in abundance.


Our choice brews of the day (from left to right ) were:

Cryptomnesia; a strawberry, basil, white cake pastry sour. This thing was super good! You could definitely find the hint of Basil. Not overpowering at all. Unique and fun!

Off the Hook; this one tasted like res kool-aid; guess why? This pastry sour with pineapple, also uses kool-aid mix and... marshmallows? True story and delish!

Saftig; the New England IPA. Exactly what I loom for in a beer, plain and simple. Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hops run wild-and-hazy in this one.

Catchin' A Buzz; my pick for beer of the day. After a long hot hike, this one quenched my thirst the right way! A honey infused Kolsch that was perfect for the heat. In fact, this beer uses 100% Miller Malting Company (95% pilsner malt and 5% Munich Malt).

If you're swinging through Decorah, or making a weekend of it, I suggest stopping by Pulpit Rock Brewing Company. Their building was built out from an old dairy facility and originally situated next to a laundromat, Pulpit Rock Brewing opened in the summer of 2015. Founded by four Luther alumni, fueled by two head-brewers, and driven by a small taproom team! Enjoy their rotating tap list that balances classic styles, unabashed hop-enthusiasm, and adventurous flavor-infusions. Their goal is to provide guests with a spectrum of tastes and experiences and your chance to try exciting and innovative beers. Did I mention you can even take some beers to go, offering a large selection of their great brews in 16oz cans.


If my day had ended there it would have been great, but we swung over to Decorah's own Whippy Dip for some awesome ice-cream treats, and man were they awesome! My wife stuck with the classic twist and crunch topping. I however went back to my youth for a taste of nostalgia. Question, when is the last time you saw cherry hard-shell dip available!?!? So, I had to go with a chocolate cone, covered in cherry dip! YUM! Two great places just blocks apart in Decorah!

attachment-whippy dip

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