In May 2015, Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager Sharon Osbourne was admitted to a hospital after she collapsed in her Los Angeles home following a trip to both Toronto and New York. She was sidelined from her role as a co-host on The Talk for a month, and it was originally reported that she was suffering from exhaustion. On today's show, she opened up about her actual condition, which she described as a "complete and utter breakdown."

In a clip uploaded by Whipclip on Twitter (seen below), Sharon revealed, "I had a complete and utter breakdown. I woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and for probably three days I knew nothing. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me. It's hard enough surviving in this world anyway, but when you take on too much — I was doing too much of everything, thinking that I'm Superwoman, 'I'm so strong, I can handle this, I can handle that' and it just fused. My brain just totally fused and I just couldn't cope with anything. My family put me into a facility, and in this facility, they diagnose you, there’s therapists, there’s psychiatrists and you do a lot of group therapy."

She added, “I was doing too much of everything, thinking that I’m superwoman. I feel now that I have got a grip on the problem that I have and I’m in control. It doesn’t control me… And if I can help somebody else along the way, I would feel great to give whatever advice to help somebody else.”


This year, Sharon's been dealing with reports of Ozzy's infidelity. She recently told The Sunday Times that this was nothing new. “The s–t that’s been going on with my husband recently, it’s been going on for about five years but people are talking about it now. We’ve survived everything — drink, drugs and now it’s women," she said, adding, “Somehow drugs and drink is more acceptable I think. When it’s somebody that has a sex addiction, it’s embarrassing. He’s come out and admitted it finally. It’s very, very hard. It’s been going on for at least six years.” Sharon, however, did not name these incidents specifically as a contributing factor for her breakdown.

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