At 10:30 am this morning, Dubuque Regional Airport Staff, Elected Officials, and Business Leaders are to announce the landing of a new airline to service the airport.

Photo Credit: Keith B. via Canva
Photo Credit: Keith B. via Canva

Dubuque is one of several small U.S. cities that lost its only commercial airline when American Airlines took off for the final flight out of the Dubuque Regional Airport in September.

More detail is needed on the future airline and its direct flight destination. Still, its impact will be huge under any circumstance. We've previously written about the critical need for the Dubuque Regional to have a viable commercial airline for business and leisure travelers.

A modern transportation option is necessary to support a vibrant economy and keep the Dubuque Regional Airport qualified for ongoing and long-term FAA grant monies worth millions for airport operations.

In September, the Dubuque Regional Airport and Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce pitched and won the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors' support for putting up $1 million to land an airline.

No indication today's announcement is due to the $1 million in dedicated local funds. Still, under any circumstance, it's good news.

As it stands, private use and the University of Dubuque aviation program keep the airport busy. Still, more is needed to satisfy the needs of local businesses and leisure travel.

Follow our stories and watch for future developments on the issue, but don't schedule that winter getaway trip to some sunny destination just yet.


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Photo Credit: Keith B. via Canva
Photo Credit: Keith B. via Canva

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