Somewhere J. Cole is smiling. Donald Trump is finding it harder and harder to peddle his rhetoric from state-to-state as he keeps getting met with opposition at each town he goes to. In the latest incident, the Republican presidential hopeful was rushed by a protester wearing a Dreamville t-shirt at a rally in Ohio yesterday (March 12).

Continuing his tour of rallies, The Donald set up shop in Dayton, OH yesterday. Everything was going fine until a man, later identified as Thomas Dimassimo, attempted to run up on Trump while he was delivering his speech. Dimassimo was quickly grabbed up by the Secret Service before he could reach Trump and rushed out of the building in handcuffs by police. Trump was shook daddy.

Daily Mail reports, Dimassimo has been charged with assault. He has since been released.

The true American hero has since taken to Twitter to explain his actions. According to his tweets, he had no intentions of hurting Trump. He just wanted to grab the mic and make a statement. "YALL STOP ACTING LIKE DONALD AINT FLINCH AND GET SHOOK," he typed. In reference to the Dreamville shirt he was rocking which represents Cole's home team he added, "Always with the culture."

People are starting to get sick and tired of Trump's antics. A recent Trump rally in Chicago was canceled by the business man turned politician after he feared for his safety because groups of unruly protesters were marching, rapping Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" and holding signs like these.

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