The people in Chicago weren't having any of Donald Trump's BS as protesters forced the polarizing Republican presidential hopeful to cancel his rally at the University of Illinois, yesterday (March 11). The people came out in force and were disruptive enough for The Donald to say, nah bruh. The people chanted, marched and held up signs. One in particular stuck out above them all as one man toted a big hand-written black-and-white poster board which read: Metro Boomin Doesn't Trust Trump.

The verbiage is of course a reference to the Atlanta-based producer's latest drop where Future exclaims, "If Young Metro don't trust you Ima shoot you." The line has become a fan favorite and has spawned dozens of hilarious memes, Vines and Instagram posts. Metro even reposted the picture along with the caption, "They turnt up in Chicago."

They indeed were turned up, to the point that Trump tucked his tail and headed for the hills. The majority let it be known that they didn't want Trump speaking at the school. Due to safety concerns, Trump called off the rally and said it will be rescheduled. Upon news of the cancellation, people celebrated by chanting Kendrick Lamar's "Alright." The fun didn’t stop there. Out in the streets people got a rousing chant of “F-ck Donald Trump” going to the soundtrack of Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck.”

In related news, Metro recently responded to politician Ben Carson being asked what would happen if Metro doesn't trust you by Complex, on DJ Drama's Streetz Is Watching Radio show.

“He gave a fair answer," Metro told Dram. "It wasn’t the fill in the blank answer, but he ain’t gonna trust you have to figure that out.” He added "They going out of control with this.”

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