Pharrell is no doubt an '80s kid and the 42-year-old gave fans a dose of nostalgia as he re-enacted some famous TV theme songs from the Reagan years on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After hilariously showing off some of the infamous '80s theme poses like "reaching for something in your pocket and realizing you forgot it," Pharrell headed into some of his favorite theme songs.

First up was Knight Rider, but it wasn't long before Fallon reminded him of the bass line from Barney Miller including the screw face that goes along with playing it.

“The funny thing is, the ’70s and ’80s were like that. It was a very different thing. You weren’t worried about how you looked or how you came off," said Pharrell while reinforcing the unforgettable look. “You made a face,” he added. “The face helped convey how you were feeling about the song…’80s and ’70s music puts a strut in your thing.”

Although he also added that as a kid rocking out to his air solo wasn't always met with praise but rather a "Get up out the floor boy, why you in front of the TV like that." Hilarious. But overall -- he said "the bass line was ill."

But that wasn't the only revelation during Pharrell's visit to late night TV. After Questlove gave Fallon and Pharrell a piece of music history, the latter suggested that The Roots' drummer should have his own music app. One that "talks to you like Siri." We couldn't agree more.

Check out the video above.

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