We managed to get a bit of paddling in on Memorial Day this year.  The Turkey River was made for an outstanding outing.  Every bend seemed to bring a new surprise.  Dramatic bluffs, dense forests, fresh water springs, and wildlife appeared throughout the trip.  Here are a few pics.  She's a little hard to see, but we encountered this deer standing in the middle of the river.


Birds of all sizes abound along the Turkey.  In addition to ducks and Canada Geese, we saw hawks, turkey vultures, and several bald eagles.  One eagle seemed to move further downstream every time we got close.  This one seemed content to simply watch us pass under.


This beautiful hollow was the backdrop for a stop we made for a snack.


We're fortunate to live in this part of The Driftless Region with so much beauty just outside our doors.  It was good to take in some of its wonders with a day on the Turkey River.

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