Last night (Feb. 13), Killer Mike made another appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher and this episode went up in smoke with Killer Kill passing a joint with Maher before discussing Bernie Sanders' run for president, George W. Bush and Beyonce's "Formation" Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

Things get started with a conversation about the legalization of marijuana, after which Mike and Maher pass a joint, which the rapper later reveals was a request of his mother.

The topic then switches to Beyonce's Super Bowl show which got a lot of people's panties in a bunch. "White people, it's not always about you," Killer Mike said, breaking down the meaning of the song. He later gave a brief lesson in the Black Panther Party which is the theme of Bey's show that seemed to get people the most upset.

The conversation then moved on to Bernie Sanders who Mike has been a staunch supporter of for a while now, and then George W. Bush's policies get ran through as the Run The Jewels rapper expressed his disdain for unjustified wars. The United States should, "stop sending poor and working class boys to war," he said. High times.

The Atlanta rapper recently teased a new Run The Jewels album with rhyme partner El-P. This would be the third self-titled album from the duo. Their last project Run The Jewels 2 dropped in December 2014.

Check out the Bill Maher conversation, below.

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