There was a time when Stephanie Tanner only had eyes for favorite stuffed animal Mr. Bear, but Jodie Sweetin, the actress behind the Full House and Fuller House character, has found her very own flesh-and-blood prince.

According to PeopleSweetin and Justin Hodak, who have been together for two years, are officially engaged. The site says Sweetin shared the news with her close friends Thursday night (January 21), and though it will be the fourth time Sweetin's married, the Instagram love she and Hodak exchange seem to indicate this bond will stick.

Between Golden Globes after-parties, Star Wars screenings and spur-of-the-moment trips to Disneyland, Sweetin and Hodak appear to be a pretty perfect match. "Happy 2 year anniversary to the man I love," the actress recently captioned the image above in November.

Sweetin has two daughters — Beatrix and Zoie.

In May 2015, Sweetin told Us Weekly she was thrilled to reprise her Full House role on Fuller House, the first season of which will premiere next month on Netflix.

"To say I'm excited, I don't think, is quite an adequate term for it," she said. "I'm getting to do something and have an opportunity to be a part of something I hold incredibly dear to me, with people that are my family that I've known since I was five-years-old. To be able to go back and do this as an adult and really bring the Stephanie character back to life and who she is as an adult, who wouldn't be excited to be able to do that?"

Happy to see Jodie in such a good place? Be sure to catch her on Fuller House on February 26!

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