You thought you were done hearing about Taylor Swift for 2023? Oh no.

We know almost every young couple in America will go as Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift for Halloween. The absolute chokehold she and her Eras Tour has had on the whole country this year is unparalleled. Her series of re-releasing her own music continues, and later this month, on October 27th, she will release "1989 (Taylor's Version)"


She's had a long career, pushing two decades, and over that time, she's had her 10 "eras", where fans have seen her songwriting and overall tone shift from album to album as she gets older and has different life experiences. Personally, I've wanted a rock album from her for years, and "Reputation" is the closest she's come to that so far.

Iowa & Illinois's Favorite Eras

Shane Co. used Google Trends search data dating all the way back to 2006 to come up with each state's favorite Taylor era. It seems like "Speak Now" is the national favorite, but it's not the go-to for Iowa & Illinois.

Shane Co.
Shane Co.

Iowa really prefers her sophomore album, "Fearless".

Illinois likes her 2020 release, "folklore".

Only one state apparently really liked "Red".

Our Favorite Songs Are From Different Eras

Though those are our favorite T-Swift eras, our favorite Swiftie singles don't match up. Google Trends dating back to 2006 (which is when her debut album was released) found that Iowa's favorite Taylor single is "Exile", which is from "folklore". Illinois's favorite single is "22", which is from "Red".

You can see the full study from Shane Co. on their website.

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