In a musical fusion that will blend the energetic bluegrass sounds of Trampled by Turtles with the introspective Appalachian Americana of Charles Wesley Godwin, fans will be treated to an unforgettable evening of live music this Friday at Q Casino's Backwaters Stage. This show brings together two distinct but complementary acts, showcasing the diversity and richness of the American roots music scene.

Things get started with Charles Wesley Godwin and his band, offering a striking contrast to the electrifying energy to follow of Trampled by Turtles. Godwin's deeply personal and reflective songwriting will take center stage. Enjoy his rich baritone voice as it envelopes the audience. His songs, inspired by the Appalachian landscapes of West Virginia, delve into themes of mortality, hope, and regret.

Godwin's acoustic guitar, accompanied by lap steel, fiddle, and electric guitar, paint vivid musical landscapes, transporting listeners to the heart of the Appalachians. Songs like "Strong," "Cranes of Potter," and "Temporary Town" resonate with crowds, connecting on a deeply emotional level. His storytelling ability is always on full display, as Godwin weaves narratives of life in rural America and the overall human experience.

Trampled by Turtles, hailing from Duluth, Minnesota, kicks off their night with the trademark high-energy performance fans know and love. Catch their unique approach to bluegrass, which incorporates elements of rock and folk, across a flurry of acoustic instruments. Frontman Dave Simonett's gritty vocals and lightning-fast guitar picking set the tone as the band will delve into their extensive catalog of songs.

The crowd will be immediately drawn into the Trampled by Turtles' world as they seamlessly transition between foot-stomping, up-tempo tracks to introspective and soulful ballads. Hear from instrumental greats like Fiddler Ryan Young, Mandolinist Erik Berry, and banjo player Dave Carroll. Each contributes their virtuosic talents to create a sonic landscape that continues to resonate with fans of all musical tastes and concert goers. I had the chance to chat with Trampled By Turtles Mandolinist Erik Berry about the show coming to Dubuque. 

Throughout the evening, these two acts will demonstrate the true versatility and innovation present within the roots music genre. The fusion of Trampled by Turtles' infectious energy and Charles Wesley Godwin's contemplative storytelling will surely create a well-rounded musical experience for the audience, where the poignant Appalachian Americana of Charles Wesley Godwin.

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