See that picture up there? Okay, so just imagine this picture on top of Arnold’s face.

That’s because Escape Plan 2: The Escapening (title not final) is happening, and this time Sylvester Stallone will by teaming up with Guardians of the Galaxy and Spectre star Dave Bautista for some sort of action and/or adventure. The Hollywood Reporter brings news that Stallone is prepping the film for a production scheduled to start this spring. It will be directed by Steven C. Miller, who recently made Arsenal, the sneaky sequel to a Nicolas Cage movie from two decades ago, where Cage somehow managed to play a character who died all those years earlier.

Based on that film, Miller should have the right sensibilities for a 2 Escape 2 Plan (title pending). Mikael Hafstrom made the first movie, which followed Stallone’s prison security expert Max Prisonman Ray Breslin as he’s bamboozled into an incarceration in the most secure jail known to man. There he partnered with Schwarzenegger’s Arthur P. Jailcell Emil Rottmayer for a bold escape ... plan.

After brief collaborations in The Expendables franchise, Escape Plan gave us the most extensive onscreen partnership between the 1980s signature action heroes. And their sheer chemistry propelled the movie. (It’s a good one to rewatch on Blu-ray, he said from experience.) If I was making a Escape Plan 2: Escaptric Boogaloo (title subject to change), I’d bring back Schwarzenegger for sure. But then again, I probably wouldn’t make another Escape Plan, because how many times can one man get trapped in a really uncomfortable prison? Then again, John McClane’s been having impossibly crappy days over and over for about 30 years, so maybe I’m overthinking things here.

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