This stinks.

Two men in Fox Crossing, Wisc. have been arrested for stealing 100,000 diapers, worth some $45,000. Over a one-month period, John Forbes and Jason Havel helped themselves to more than 1,700 cases of the baby necessities.

The pair has yet to be charged for the unusual crime. A police official believes they were hoping to flip the diapers, kind of like houses, except no one flips diapers because that's weird.

"Resell, for money they were getting for it, I don't (know) what they were using it for, but diapers are pretty expensive," said Lt. Scott Blashka of the Fox Crossing Investigations Unit. So, yeah, it sounds like they were selling the diapers on the black brown market.

What makes this story even sadder is the diapers had been donated to a local charity affiliated with the United Way and were being kept in a storage facility where Forbes and Havel worked.

The silver lining here is that the United Way has received an influx of donations since word got out about the theft. "It's really incredible, you have a theft of thousands of dollars and within 24 hours of the news release, we had $200,000," said Peter Kelly, CEO of United Way Fox Cities.

Of course, the irony is Forbes and Havel are going to need diapers the moment they learn if and when they're going to jail. Here's hoping the prosecutors seek justice and don't treat these two with kid Luvs.

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