There will be another Clean Zone in place in the City of Dyersville ahead of this years MLB game coming to the Field of Dreams on Thursday, August 11th. The 'Clean Zone' is a temporary measure to regulate commercial activity in Dyersville between August 8th and the 13th. It prohibits the sale of tickets, along with the sale of merchandise — other than by an existing business within the city. That includes on public streets, sidewalks and right-of-ways; outside an enclosed building; or from any temporary structure. However, the council does have the authority to grant exemptions on temporary structures, which it did for both the Palace Saloon and Textile Brewing Company. The reason for this temporary measure, according to City Administrator Mick Michel, was that penning an agreement with MLB wasn’t sufficient, as it would not carry the force of law that this ordinance does, which can impose a $500 fine, and up to six months in prison. The goal of this ordinance is to protect the Major League Baseball brand, and their sponsors, from any type of competitor or undesirable sale of merchandise that is not licensed by the MLB.

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