This jam is clearly head and shoulders above all others.

During this past weekend's game against Houston Baptist, Shawn Johnson of University of the Incarnate Word dunked over Asa Cantwell.

Johnson's air time did not end after he threw it down, though. No, he swapped hanging on the rim to hanging on top of Cantwell, somehow managing to wind up on his shoulders.

Cantwell was totally schooled, but he was okay with it, cracking a smile at the outrageous nature of what happened.

The dunk turned out to be an amusing and memorable footnote in what turned out to be a laugher -- IUW rolled, dunked and piggy-backed to a 97-86 victory.

If these two squads meet again, you'd have to think, that after this loss, Houston Baptist is going to have a chip on its shoulder. Which is a lot better than the opponent being there.

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