Parents would do anything to protect their kids, but this son has proven he'd do anything to protect his father.

Caleb Bisbee pulled his dad, Billy Bisbee, out of their mobile home in Cedar Crest, N.M. to safety after it went up in flames last week in the middle of the night.

Billy has an eye condition, so he needed assistance being moved out of the structure as the flames continued to engulf the home. He shouted, "Someone's gotta come help me. Help me. I'm gonna die in here."

Son Caleb wasted no time springing into action:

I ran in there and grabbed him. He was resisting me a little bit, I think because of the shock, so I finally grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him out."

The house and everything inside of it burned down to the ground, but Billy knows what's most important: that his son saved his life.

“Another 15 seconds and I would've been dead. I guarantee it. It’s the scariest thing I've ever lived with in my whole life,” said Billy, who did suffer serious burns, requiring him to stay at a hospital.

Caleb, meanwhile, remains modest about the entire ordeal. "I had to get my dad because my dad says that I'm his hero, but he's mine," he said.

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