Labor Day is typically the starting bell of the fall political season. So president Joe Biden isn't wasting any time getting into the ring with his planned primetime speech tonight at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Image Credit: Keith B. via Canva
Image Credit: Keith B. via Canva

Perhaps if you listen closely, they will be playing the theme to Rocky as Biden approaches the podium. The White House advisers frame the speech as Biden's effort to defend democracy from a MAGA "soft-fascism" fostered by former President Trump and his loyal supporters.

That rhetoric may be necessary to rally Democrats to the polls this November. Still, just as likely, it will rile up the Republicans.

Indeed, two years into his presidency, Biden continues to fixate on his arch-nemesis. But, of course, Joe outpolled Don by 10 million ballots, garnering the most votes in American history with 85 million casts for Biden to Trump's 74 million.

But with the November elections less than ten weeks away, Biden must do whatever it takes to win his declared battle for the "soul of the nation." As Biden sees it, the stakes remain high, and his presidency weighs in the balance. His political calculation and strategy paint Trump as the biggest threat to his plan and democracy's very survival. Biden is betting this will be enough to rally his base to the polls in November.

Meanwhile, Trump remains front and center in the news with the infamous FBI raid of his Florida residence. Will the search turn up a treasure trove of unspecified classified documents, or is this just one more attempt to derail the Trump train?

The rhetoric and actions from both sides are so hyperbolic that many Americans are turned off and tuned out, but with less than 70 days remaining before the midterms, don't look for anyone's foot to let up from the gas moving forward.

Trump continues to call the 2020 election results into doubt which likely drives Biden bonkers. Still, that strategy also stokes his followers to the point that several of his endorsed 2020 candidates remain in a position to win in November, which also keeps Trump alive politically.

It's a dubious and diabolical game, no matter which side of the political spectrum one may land these days.

With interest rates climbing and inflation hitting working folks hard, the ongoing back-and-forth battle between the current and former president makes for good political folly. Still, it doesn't address the everyday bread and butter kitchen table issues the average American family faces.

In Iowa, the politics have been much more subdued. Michael Franken has made very little hay against longtime Senator Chuck Grassley. Barely a peep has been heard in the congressional race between former TV newscasters Liz Mathis and Ashley Hinson. Likewise, in Dubuque, the local races have been quiet.

However, the tone and tenor of the local, state, and federal races will likely have to change if the challengers hope for any chance of knocking off an incumbent.

So look for more political fireworks once the Labor Day Holiday passes and anticipate the ongoing battle for the nation's soul for another 67 days.


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