The Bellevue Horsemen’s Club Truck and Tractor pull will be held on Friday, August 6th. Over twenty classes of trucks and tractors will compete, including see street, modified, open, and diesel trucks, plus stock tractors, too-hot-to-farm tractors, hot-stock and open tractors plus new front-wheel assist tractors.  There’s 100 percent payback per class with an additional $1000 purse. Weigh-ins are at 5:00 PM, pulling begins at 6:00 PM. 


Want in on the fun?  Entry fee is just twenty bucks.   Get your family and friends together for the biggest and best tractor pull of the year, The Bellevue Horsemen’s Club’s Truck and Tractor pull at the Bellevue Horsemen’s Club.  Don’t Miss it.




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On a completely separate note, have you ever padded an article to increase its word count in order to reach a specific target number? Perhaps while writing a paper in high school or college, you needed some extra words to reach the number the teacher or professor assigned. Or maybe you wanted to improve the look of a paper as it layed out on a page, so you added some extraneous words in order to make the paper look more appealing. Although I can't say with any degree of certainty, I believe padding your word count with unneccessary text would be an example of a workaround, a short-cut someone assigned a minimum word count might take in an effort to meet a requirement. Although I try to avoid padding articles simply to increase their word count, I enjoy seeing examples. If you see specific cases of this practice, please share them with me here. I'd love to see some good ones, as they always make me smile.

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