Baby Future clearly likes his stepdad. A Facebook Live video went up today (July 11) of Ciara and her new husband Russell Wilson preparing for some type of event in the bathroom. Baby Future came into the scene when he asked his mother for a "mama kiss" and she obliged. But it did not stop there.

The young child also asked for a "papa kiss" and Wilson responded by giving him one on the cheek. It was a pretty sweet moment between Baby Future and Russell Wilson, but social media was on fire as people wondered how Future feels about his son being this close to his ex's husband.

Future and Ciara have a history of struggle over the child. After Future tweeted some things that people took to be directed at Ciara, his ex clapped back with a lawsuit claiming he was damaging her career. Things haven't been resolved, but Future emphasized the positives in his Rolling Stone interview and said he'd never wish failure upon Ciara.

Ciara, for her part, apparently thinks Future wants to kill Russell Wilson. According to court documents, she thinks the rapper's knife emojis and a line from his recent tape with Esco prove his intent.

Watch the video above and find out what Twitter had to say about baby Future calling Russell Wilson "papa" below.

Twitter Reacts to Baby Future Calling Russell Wilson "Papa"

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