Kristin Cavallari's Instagram account — quickly becoming her young family's photo album — isn't without its negatives.

The former Hills star shared a pic to her page a week ago in which her sons and husband, Jay Cutler, enjoy some expat-Independence Day bonding time by the beach. While the mood seems celebratory in the shot, many of Cavallari's followers have been less than thrilled with its publishing — a handful have gone as far as to accuse the 29-year-old mother of withholding food from her sons. The sight of bony backs and shoulders on three-year-old Camden and two-year-old Jaxon is proof they're being malnourished, the critics insisted.

"Are Those from somalia?" one wrote, while another observed "You can see the back of their rib cage. Wtf! They are growing boys!"

Rather than indulge the arguments aggressively, Cavallari decided to drown out the noise and embarked on an unfollow spree, noting sarcastically "Yep, I starve my children. Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha"

Cavallari found some solidarity, too, though — certain fans shared stories about drawing attention for their own thin-looking kids, who were actually perfectly healthy.

"Being a mom is hard. I'm sure my neighbors heard my struggles through my open windows today. I couldn't imagine if that made news. Best to you and your sweet boys!" one noted encouragingly.

Do you think Cavallari's Instagram photo deserved the criticism, or was she right to shrug it off? Sound off in the comments.

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