Last week my son had a doctors appointment at Medical Associates. We were about 30 minutes early so to kill time we took a two minute ride over to the 4th Street Elevator.

We've ridden this no less that a hundred times since my son was born. We always seem to get on with some out-of-towners who always ask "what else should we see while we're here?"

One of our rides from 2014

Later at dinner, my family was talking about what they thought the 'must see' spots in the tristates are.

If I hadn't there to begin with, the first place I usually tell people coming in is the elevator. Cable cars seem rare to begin with and the history to the Fenelon elevator make it a cool, inexpensive stop.

The "Field of Dreams" is another cool spot. While most adults get caught up with 'it's the place they made the movie,' just seeing a baseball field in the middle of a corn field is a really cool sight.

A visit to the Field of Dreams

One of my other favorite spots has to be Crystal Lake Cave. I remember going there as a kid and it's always such a neat thing to see.

Last year I took Jacob and his friend, Addisyn, out to see it.

They had fun. But I had more fun!

So now I ask you to help me out. I need two more things to add to my list to make it 5 'must see' places in the tristates.

What do you think should be on the list? The River Museum? Arboretum?

When someone asks you what they gotta see while they're here, what's on your list?