Vince Staple's wit extends beyond the confines of a verse, and after tapping the Long Beach rapper to riff on NBA players, past Men of the Year and rapper's chains, GQ extends their series "Vince Staples Reviews Every F**king Thing" with some hilarious commentary on various Olympic events and athletes.

In the clip, Staples compares synchronized diving to both an FKA Twigs video and Space Jam, and champions table tennis, calling Forrest Gump one of the greatest Olympians the world has ever seen. He has less admiration for dressage - "fuck these grown ass people trying to ride these horses" - and sums up why mens gymnastics should just be done away with altogether.

"I’m not really a fan of this male gymnastics. Trying to jump as hard as fuckin you can. There’s no grace in that. You need grace to do these things," he says. "We have to stop playing women's sports. We are not creative enough. They make us look stupid. They’re smarter than us."

As for Simone Biles, the 19-year-old gymnast who four golds in Rio, Vince thinks the smiley exterior is a front. "She looks like she’s mean though. Like, don’t talk to her about how nice you are cause she’ll let you know that your little handspring is trash."

The 2016 Rio games continue this week, and a week from this Friday, Staples will drop his Prima Donna EP which features Kilo Kish and A$AP Rocky. Watch Staples sound off up above.

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