Last week, Michelle Rodriguez posted an Instagram praising the eighth Fast & Furious movie, but also mentioning that the series’ treatment of its female characters might force her to sit out the next round, if the situation doesn’t improve. F. Gary Gray later responded to her criticisms, saying that he thought the latest film had a tons of strong roles for women, proving that he kiiinda gets it, but not really. Rodriguez has a point. And Vin Diesel, for one, is going to stick up for her.

Diesel posted his own Instagram video of the two of them standing chummily together, and Rodriguez clarifies that if she ever talks smack about anything to do with this movie series, it’s not about him. In the description accompanying the video, Diesel notes that he is “Proud of Our saga... but we must try to reach higher each time. The challenge is what makes it fun and exciting.”

Thank you for listening to women, Vinnie. There’s been enough infighting in this family already.

Plus, Rodriguez isn’t wrong. The antagonist of the latest film, Cipher (Charlize Theron), was far from the strongest villain they’ve had. After killing off Gal Gadot’s character they’ve replaced her with Nathalie Emmanuel, but she’s still not given that much to do. Rodriguez’ Letty is the only one who has come close to holding her own against the boys, screentime-wise. This series, wonderful as it is, could sure use a few more ladies in the mix to even things out.

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